About us

The LUHCIE, research group (EA) no. 7421, is a Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) laboratory bringing together historians, art historians, musicologists and specialists in the Italian language, literature and civilisation. Its members include 31 research professors and 43 doctoral students attached to the Doctoral Schools SHPT (Humanities, Politics and Territorial Sciences) and LLSH (Languages, Literatures and Humanities).

The LUHCIE was founded in January 2016 following the merger between the CRHIPA (Centre for Research in History and History of Art, Italy, the Alpine Countries and International Interactions) and the GERCI (Group for Studies and Research on Italian Civilization) at the Université Grenoble Alpes.

The LUHCIE has a documentary collection of more than 6,000 publications and some fifty French and Italian journals. Through its editorial policy it supports a wide range of publications, including at the Presses de l’UGA Cahiers d’études italiennes and the collection “Italie plurielle“.

It is contributing to a number of research programmes bearing on history, history of art, musicology, literature, image, heritage, politics, culture, translation and the digital humanities. These programmes are organised according to four strands: Movements, transfers, borders – Writings, objects, forms of communication – Knowledge, beliefs, sciences – Territories, practices and political discourse

The following are supported at the LUHCIE:

– The History of Art Master’s of the UFR (Research & Teaching Unit) ARtS and Humanities

– The programmes:


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